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Free MP3 download information Enjoy relaxation and  'connecting' with your baby during your pregnancy ... Length of MP3 download: 10 minutes Research has shown that bonding with your baby whilst your baby is still developing inside your womb has great benefits and could result in your baby being happier, feeding better and sleeping better - a contented baby!   In addition to making your pregnancy so much more enjoyable and exciting, when you ‘tune in’ to your baby, you lay the foundation for a loving and nurturing relationship. Not only does your child develop physically whilst in the womb for nine months, your baby also develops mentally and emotionally. And don’t forget these are nine months of growth and development for parents as well. How to Use To fully benefit from and enjoy your downloads take the following steps: - Make yourself comfortable, either sitting or lying down, it doesn't matter if you fall asleep. - Play the downloads on headphones or speakers - both are equally effective. - Listen regularly so that you build an auto-response when you hear the voice/music.      DO NOT PLAY THE DOWNLOADS WHILE DRIVING OR WHEN YOUR ATTENTION IS REQUIRED
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